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When you need more than a director, Outrun Films steps up. Combining a very spicy contact book, a killer producer called Bryn, a love of fast and ridiculous automotive adventures, some incredibly talented freelancers we are lucky enough to call friends, and a full production pipeline through to final delivery. For example:

Bentley - Flying Spur

2 Full launch campaign film productions end to end, working with a VFX-heavy starting concept from Keko / Bentley, produced, directed, edited and delivered including regional cutdowns, alternate edits, socials media deliverables and B-Roll, all handled within Outruns' velvety soft padded walls.  

S1 Full 4:36.jpg

Bugatti Chiron: 0-400kph

The brief: Film the Chiron doing 0-400kph (250mph+) and ideally get more than 86 million views on Youtube. No problem. 


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