Al is a director and filmmaker specialising in the automotive film sector. Working across a huge variation of automotive work, practical 1st and 2nd unit high-speed action, spots with AAA 'listers and World Champions, documentaries and TV, VFX laden commercial and lifestyle and content creation projects for the next generation of social media platforms.

Starting off in the sound and music industry, fate intervened and he ended up on the next logical move of filming cars. Fortunately, this seemed to be what he was good at, and it stuck. Alongside regular commercial work, he has gone on to smash a world record for car-to-car filming at 267mph (429kph)  with over 80+ million views on Youtube alone. His passion project documentary 'The Racers that Stopped the World' became Sky Documentaries' highest viewed piece during the release month.

Somewhat predictably, Al loves all things wheeled. A skilled driver himself - some 1400+ laps of the vicious Nurburgring, and a keen drifter,  his passion translates directly to his work, getting the car's performance and styling across on camera in the best possible way, combined with extensive knowledge of the post-production processes and what possibilities that unlocks. 

Al regularly works alongside a team of trusted specialists who are the best at what they do and can bring this team onboard a project to streamline and improve the entire production process. In addition, he consulted and advised other directors and agencies to bring that high octane authenticity to their own projects