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Personal Projects

And here are some of the projects I've worked on in those rare periods of time when I've had it all to myself. Feel free to check out the Youtube channel for more.

The Racers who Stopped the World

When Sir Stirling Moss passed away in April 2020, I had a bit of free time whilst the world was in lockdown. On the shelf was a shot-but-never-used documentary originally shot for Jaguar back in 2013 which had never seen the light of day. It felt like a disservice that all this wonderful material had never made it out to the public, and the powers that be agreed and I set about re-editing the entire project from scratch. It aired on Sky Documentaries in August of that year and is available on streaming services and my own Youtube channel.  I am forever grateful to have met and interviewed an extraordinary league of racing heroes, and to everyone who made the release of it possible.

Bugatti Chiron - Filming at 250mph
Bugatti Chiron - Filming at 250mph

How to film a Bugatti Chiron at 250mph

Another lockdown project, I decided to dig out some un-used behind-the-scenes footage of one of the biggest automotive films on Youtube - which at the time of writing this surpassed 85 million views on Youtube alone and even bigger numbers on social media for various clips. Spoiler alert, we didn't use a 1000bhp Supra.

Watch it here!

Outsiders: Japan

A film that was never supposed to be a film. What started out as a simple holiday film turned into a full feature-length Bluray / DVD special, selling all 5000 copies and ending up a few years later online, currently breaking the 5 million view mark on Youtube

Shot on a 5D MK2, a home made jib and a first-generation GoPro (can you tell?), but edited with much love, I followed some friends on our first adventure to Japan to see the underground car culture that we love, drifting, street racing, modified tuner cars, and the legendary drivers who we had seen from imported DVD's and magazines. It became somewhat of a suprise cult hit, and although there are many things I would change about it today if I did again, I still love it, and I am still asked every month without fail when the sequel will be made.

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