Al Clark Film Director.jpeg

Al Clark is a UK-based Director, cinematographer, and filmmaker, specialising in cars and the automotive. He has become well known for his trademark cinematic, intellectual, and when needed, visceral style. 

To call Al's work 'varied' would be somewhat of an understatement, but to name a couple of highlights, Al has produced films that can proudly claim to be: The worlds fastest car to car tracking shot at 267mph (430kph), which also happens to be the most viewed automotive video on Youtube, a critically acclaimed broadcast documentary with legendary racing drivers, directed a frantic car chase across frozen lakes, plus filming the worlds fastest ice speed record, the first wingsuit jump from a microlight to catch a rugby ball mid-air and a string of ATL luxury and high-octane commercials for some of the greatest automotive brands on the planet. 

Al is a passionate genuine petrolhead and skilled driver with over 1400 laps of the Germanys infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife and a pretty handy drifter so he understands how to extract the best from the cast, precision drivers, and the car's performance on camera, and has consulted on several projects alongside other incredible directors on their projects to make sure all the metal on screen looks it's best. 

When not operating as a lone-wolf, he is working closely with a team of trusted friends and specialist contacts as Outrun Films, offering full service film production, working closely with agencies or directly for end clients.